Speaking from experience – how coaching with JT Foxx helped me

Before Foxx happened, I was in a total standstill in my life. I had behind me a relatively successful research career, but did not understand where it was going, or how. I had obtained a PhD in 2000, written over 70 published academic articles which were highly cited, obtained a number of honors, but not gotten forward to get a professorship or a permanent position. Instead, I was hired as a regular researcher with very short-term contracts and no real view into advancing. I had followed my passions when choosing research topics, but eventually they were not achieving me a proper position in the academia. I was not feeling accomplished.

I also had behind me 25 years of getting to know myself on deeper levels, using a large variety of both bodily, mental, emotional and spiritual practices and methods, ranging from several budo styles (Karate, Taiji, I Chuan), several Yoga styles, various meditative traditions, psychotherapeutic and trauma therapeutic methods, and even the study of emotional healing techniques called by names like bodywork or therapeutic energy healing. In effect, I had integrated and healed myself a lot, I had a lot of skills and gifts in this area, but this part of me was completely hidden. I did not dare to talk about this side of me in public.  In essence, I was in two halves, and did not know how to go forward.  It seemed that I was not progressing in any area of my life, although I did seem to have a lot of potential. Potential to do what, I did not know.

Randy Zuckerberg, sister of Mark and the person early on behind Facebook Marketing was a delightful person to listen to.

Then, in summer 2016, I had an intuitive feeling that I would be getting a coach in the fall. In September, I saw a Facebook ad that somehow managed to by-pass my very good internal ad filtering. I never notice ads, but this one I did notice. Several times. It said ”The world needs more women speakers”. Eventually, curious of who is so clever that they can tempt me in this way, I clicked the ad, and then registered for a 1-day Megaspeaker event by someone called JT Foxx, who was titled as ”Worlds number 1 wealth coach”.  I had never heard of him. I was not interested in wealth, had never been. I detested selling and marketing, as most Finns do. Once I had seriously tried to start a company, but even though the prospects did seem extremely promising, I could not bring myself to take that step. Internally, I could not step over that line.

Fredrik Eklund – a Swedish real estate broker – was a funny man also in person.

In the Megaspeaker event in September 2016, I found myself nodding and smiling with almost everything this Foxx guy said. I was happy. I was energized. I knew I wanted to go forward. And I already learned a lot.  I really had not anticipated that. I did not know where I wanted to go, nor did I expect that a wealth coach could take me there. But my intuition, which I had learned to trust, said ”jump”.  So I signed up in the best program they had on offer: 3 days of individual coaching plus Mega-Branding including an interview with Al Pacino, for whom I have always had great respect. To do this, I had to make a choice: do I wish to buy a house, or do I wish to do this coaching? I chose coaching. I had no idea if I would ever earn back the money I was investing, so it was a very big step.  But I invested in myself.

Meeting Al Pacino, interviewing him, and hearing him describe our talk as “what a delightful exchange we had back there” was an incredible experience. Almost like “The Scent of a Woman” 😀

It is now 11 months since that decision. While the decision seemed nuts from an analytic-left-brain kind of way, I must say I am completely at ease and happy with things as they progress now. First, I came out of the proverbial closet as an Energy Healer. This was very big step, since energy healing and the academia don’t currently go well together. Later, I learned (in the Top 1% experience) to re-brand myself as a Life Strategy Coach. I now have several regular coaching students who report long-term progress following my coaching. I feel like I am truly helping others.

I also started a blog, and then a company, called Multidimensional Minds. The company exists as a means to fulfill a vision: to start an Academy of Spiritual Sciences. This is a big dream and cannot be accomplished alone. Together with collaborators, we have started by organizing weekend courses in fall 2017.

Perhaps as the most surprising outcome from wealth coaching, I am now a professor of Digital Social Science at the University of Helsinki, the highest-ranked university in Finland. I finally had the courage and guts and self-esteem to write an application in the way that it brought out my best qualities. I had the guts to get that position, through every step. I did not give up on myself, and I did not give up on my vision for this field.

Why did I suddenly make all this progress, after a long stand still? I can see no other explanation but the fact that I attended JT Foxx’s event, decided to step forward, and then, went through every bit of coaching, transformative events and implementing what I learned. Th ey really did bring my two halves together: the analytic left brain and the intuitive right brain, to use an old metaphor. The transformation for me was profound: I let go off a huge deal of self-doubt, which had prevented me before. When I was no longer tripping over myself, I was finally able to progress towards my dreams. I found my internal strength. I gained more courage. I learned such an amount of new skills that I cannot describe them here.

Coach Damien taught us about selling while he also showed the techniques he described. Photo by: Brand It

What JT Foxx and his crew accomplish is very hard to describe, because they use so many different methods. They push you, show you the mirror of where are the blocks, and if you let them, they coach you to unravel the blocks and to step over your internal obstacles to really use your gifts. They teach a variety of practical skills that are immediately useful. But for me, the most influential have been the inner steps. In Al Pacino interview I learned to overcome my self-doubt. In every individual and group coaching session, the fact that my gifts and skills have been seen, both accepted and challenged, and reflected back to me with just the right words for the world to understand, has been immeasurably valuable. It enables me to see my own potential, and how to go forward with it.

I observed JT carefully, with both left and right brain 😀
Photo By: Brand It


JT Foxx’s coaching is a very clever, very effective, extremely well oiled and well put-together operation. I attended the coaching because I observed their excellence, because I felt it would help me, and because I felt we are on the same side: out there to help the world. And this is what I have observed. JT Foxx and his crew are out there to help the world. I wish them the best of success. I intend to learn lots more with this crew.

Now, do you wish to go forward as well?

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