Multidimensional Minds Oy was founded in March 2017 By Krista Lagus.
Y-number: 2820435-5

Multidimensional Minds Oy

The company  specializes in education and consulting related to wellbeing. For individuals this includes life strategy coaching, spiritual coaching and energy healing.

For companies, expertise is offered especially for times of change. These can be starting new business areas and innovation, or the need to solve hard and/or recurring problems in strategy or in leadership.


To research, collect and distribute knowledge and skills that support learning and change in the domain of wellbeing and spirituality, for the benefit of all sentient beings in all planes of existence.


In order to carry out its mission, Multidimensional Minds Oy may

  • Design and implement education, workshops and lectures
  • Produce and publish digital and other learning materials on learning and change related to the mind and wellbeing
  • Coach individuals and help them heal individually and collectively for the benefit of all beings
  • Provide advanced education and accreditation for spiritual healers, helpers and coaches
  • Provide assessment and accrediting of spiritual and healing training programmes
  • Benefit the society by introducing a multi-dimensional view of wellbeing to developing societal structures and services
  • Found an Academy of Spiritual Sciences as part of higher education and research
  • Advance research in spiritual and healing sciences, and
  • Create and maintain a network of collaboration between the professional field and the academia.