About the author

I am Krista Lagus, from Helsinki, Finland. I am the founder of this blog and currently its only author. I am also the founder of Multidimensional Minds Oy – the company.

I have been a spiritual seeker and meditator for over 20 years. As learning how to become emotionally wellbeing and whole, I have learned to heal my own mind, as well as heal other people. After obtaining education in these topics through a number of different schools and processes,  I have also become a therapeutic energy healer and a spiritual coach. I tend to see the potential in people, situations and organizations. I help people in identifying and removing obstacles that stand in the way of achieving their highest potential.

I am a scientist (PhD) by training and academic researcher by profession. My research has always been guided by the wish to understand the mind, focusing on how learning and development take place. I have studied neural networks as models of human learning as well as engineering methods for big data analysis. I have experience in designing and implementing new kinds of wellbeing and innovation teaching as part of higher education.

I am a mother of three wonderful kids. Growing up along with their growth continues to teach me hugely about the humanity, life and everything.

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